CC6 Casino Affiliate Program Guide

CC6 Casino stands as a beacon in the digital gaming arena, redefining what it means to engage with online entertainment. More than just a place to play, CC6 Casino offers a unique opportunity for individuals to become agents, providing a path to both personal and financial enrichment.

This guide is your all-in-one resource to joining our dynamic community and flourishing as a successful agent.

Agent Role at CC6 Casino

As an agent, you play a crucial role in expanding our community by recruiting players and other agents. Your success directly impacts your earnings through a commission-based income system.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting new players to the casino.
  • Building and managing your own network of sub-agents.
  • Promoting CC6 Casino games and events.

Commission Calculation for Agents

Initial Commissions:

  • Direct Player Bets: Earn a commission on the bets placed by players you directly recruit, per invite you can get up to PHP77. 
  • Tiered Commission Rates: The commission rate increases based on the total betting volume generated by your network. You can be compensated up to 0.8%

Extended Commissions:

  • Recruitment of Sub-agents: Gain additional commissions from the activities of agents recruited by those in your network.
  • Multi-Level Commission System: Benefits extend several layers down, providing earnings from both direct and indirect recruitments.

Recruitment and Network Growth

When you join our affiliate program, you can start building your network immediately. For illustration, let’s consider you have recruited three individuals, A1, A2, and A3. A1 has further expanded the network by recruiting C1 and C2, while A3 has brought in the high-performing C3.

Example of Commission Calculation

Let’s assume the following valid bets from your team on a given day:

  • A1: 500
  • A2: 3,000
  • A3: 2,000
  • C1 (recruited by A1): 1,000
  • C2 (recruited by A1): 2,000
  • C3 (recruited by A3): 20,000

Calculated Commissions:

  • A1’s Commission: Derived from C1 and C2’s bets.
    • Total valid bets from C1 and C2 = 3,000.
    • Commission = 3,000 * 1% = 30.
  • A2’s Commission: As there are no subordinates, the calculation is straightforward.
    • Commission = 3,000 * 1% = 30.
  • A3’s Commission: Derived from the high-performing C3.
    • Commission = 20,000 * 3% = 600.
  • Your Commission:
    • Direct contributions from A1, A2, and A3 = 5,500.
    • Other contributions from C1, C2, and C3 = 23,000.
    • Commission on direct contributions = 5,500 * 1% = 55.
    • Commission on other contributions = (3,000 * 1%) + (20,000 * 3%) = 30 + 600 = 630.
    • Total Commission = 55 + 630 = 685.

Advantages of the CC6 Casino Agent Program

  • Fair and Competitive Commission Rates: Our commission structure is designed to be among the most competitive in the industry, rewarding both small-scale recruiters and major network leaders.
  • No Cap on Earnings: There is no upper limit to the commissions you can earn; the more active and successful your network, the greater your potential earnings.
  • Support and Resources: CC6 Casino provides extensive training, marketing materials, and real-time support to help you grow your network effectively.

How to Become an Agent at CC6 Casino

  • Submit an application through our official website or contact our agent support team.
  • Attend a brief training session to understand our platform and commission system.
  • Receive your unique agent code and start building your network immediately.

Ongoing Support From CC6

  • Regular updates and insights on player preferences and popular games to help you tailor your recruitment strategies.
  • Access to a dedicated agent dashboard for tracking your earnings and network activity in real time.

Join the CC6 Casino Family: Your Gateway to Success

At CC6 Casino, we view our agents as crucial partners in our collective success journey. Our commitment is to foster a supportive atmosphere that allows you to excel and thrive. We offer fair commission structures, comprehensive support, and limitless opportunities for earnings, making the role of an agent not just a job, but a significant career opportunity.

Are you ready to grow and redefine success in the gaming industry? Become a part of CC6 Casino’s expanding family. Join us today and start building a prosperous future together!

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