Win Big With Fan Tan Live Game at CC6 

Fan Tan Live by Evo Live at CC6 Online Casino offers a unique aesthetic that combines a traditional Asian look with the sleekness of modern live dealer studios. The game is played on a table marked with areas where players can place their bets. The betting process is digital, making it easy to participate, and the live dealer interaction makes it engaging. This game offers a unique blend of cultural history and cutting-edge gameplay. 

How to Play Fan Tan at CC6 Online Casino

Playing Fan Tan at CC6 Online Casino is straightforward. The game is hosted by a live dealer in a beautifully designed studio, enhancing the authentic feel of the game. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Log into your CC6 Online Casino account and navigate to the live casino section where Fan Tan is listed.
  • You can place bets on one of several outcomes, which are based on the number of beads remaining in the last group (1, 2, 3, or 4).
  • Once all bets are placed, the dealer will cover a pile of beads with a large bowl. They then remove the beads in groups of four until 1 to 4 beads remain.
  • If your bet matches the number of beads left, you win. Payouts vary depending on the type of bet placed.

Betting Options and Payouts in Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese gambling game that involves a plethora of betting options, each presenting a unique opportunity for payouts. Here’s a detailed look at the main types of bets you can place:

Single Number Bet (Fan)

This bet is placed on a single specific number—1, 2, 3, or 4. The objective is to predict the exact number of beads remaining in the last row after the dealer divides them into sets of four.

Nim Bet

A Nim Bet involves selecting two numbers. You choose one number as your primary bet (the number you think will be the result) and the second number acts as an insurance bet. This type of bet covers two outcomes: if the primary number comes up, you win a higher amount; if the insurance number comes up, you still win but usually at a reduced payout.

Kwok Bet

In a Kwok Bet, you bet on two potential winning numbers. This is somewhat similar to placing two Single Number Bets, but with a single stake. If either of the chosen numbers is the result, you win.


This bet type involves betting on three numbers out of the possible four. It significantly increases your chances of winning, as you only lose if the one number you did not bet on is the result.


Betting Option Description Estimated Bet Amount (₱) Payout Ratio Potential Payout (₱) Multiplier
Single Number Bet (Fan) Bet on one specific number (1, 2, 3, or 4) 100 3:1 300 3x
Nim Bet Bet on two numbers; one primary, one as insurance 100 2:1 (primary), 1:2 (insurance) 200 (primary), 50 (insurance) 2x (primary), 0.5x (insurance)
Kwok Bet Bet on two potential winning numbers 100 1:1 200 2x
Sheh-Sam-Hong Bet on three numbers, only one number loses 100 1:3 133 1.33x
  • Single Number Bets typically offer higher payouts due to the lower probability of guessing the exact number correctly. The usual payout for a successful Fan bet is 3 to 1, which means you win three times your stake if your guess is correct.
  • The payout for the primary number in a Nim Bet is typically lower than a Single Number Bet but higher than that of the insurance number. The common payout structure is 2 to 1 for the primary number and a smaller return for the insurance number.
  • Kwook Bet Since this bet covers two out of the four possible outcomes, it offers a moderate risk and, consequently, moderate payouts. Typically, the payout for a Kwok Bet is 1 to 1, meaning you double your stake if you win.
  • The usual payout for a Sheh-Sam-Hong bet is around 1 to 3, offering smaller returns but higher odds of winning.

Fan Tan Features

  • Live Dealer: A skilled dealer manages the game and interacts with players, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Multiple Camera Angles: Offers a variety of perspectives for an immersive and transparent viewing experience.
  • Real-Time Bets: Allows players to place bets instantly using a digital interface that shows odds and potential payouts.
  • Statistics: Provides access to historical game data and statistics to assist players in making informed betting decisions.

Take the Leap – Play Fan Tan Today!

Ready to win big? Dive into the exciting world of Fan Tan Live at CC6 Online Casino. Sign up now or log in to place your bets and experience the thrill of real-time gaming with a touch of tradition. Don’t miss out – your next big win could be just a few clicks away!

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