Art of Rummy with JILI Gaming at CC6 Online Casino

Rummy is a classic card game where the primary objective is to form matching sets or runs of cards. At CC6 Online Casino, Rummy by JILI Gaming is designed to offer a user-friendly interface with engaging graphics and animations. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and each player is dealt a certain number of cards from the deck. The aim is to form valid sets and sequences by drawing and discarding cards on your turns.

How to Play Rummy at CC6 Online Casino

Starting the Game

  • Card Dealing: At the beginning of a Rummy game on CC6 Online Casino, each player is dealt 13 cards.
  • Stockpile and Discard Pile Setup: The remaining undealt cards are placed face down to form what is known as the stockpile. The top card from this pile is then turned face up and placed next to the stockpile to initiate the discard pile.

Game Play

  1. Drawing a Card: Players alternate turns, each beginning by drawing a card. This can be done either from the stockpile, which is face down, or from the discard pile, which is face up.
  2. Discarding a Card: After drawing, the player selects a card from their hand that they do not need and places it on the discard pile. The objective here is to organize the hand into valid sets and sequences.

Making Sets and Sequences

  1. Creating Sets: A set is formed by collecting three or four cards of the same rank, each from a different suit. For example, a set may consist of the 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, and 7 of diamonds.
  2. Creating Sequences: A sequence is created by gathering three or more cards that are consecutively ranked and of the same suit. An example of a sequence might be the 4, 5, and 6 of spades.

Ending the Game

  1. Declaring a Win: The game comes to an end when a player is able to discard one of their cards to the discard pile and then reveal their entire hand, neatly organized into valid sets and sequences. The disclosure of the hand is the player’s declaration that they have formed the necessary groups of cards according to the rules and are thereby claiming victory.

How Scoring Works

In Rummy, scoring is essential to determine the winner after a player declares Rummy by melding all cards into valid sets and sequences. Here’s the breakdown:

Declaration of Rummy

The game ends when a player declares Rummy by arranging all cards into sets or sequences and discarding the last card, indicating no unmelded cards remain.

Counting Points

Post-declaration, other players reveal their hands for scoring. Points are calculated based on unmelded cards:

  • Face Cards (King, Queen, Jack): 10 points each.
  • Ace: Usually 10 points, but can be 1 point in a low sequence (A-2-3).
  • Number Cards: Valued at their face value, e.g., a 7 is worth 7 points.


Players aim to achieve the lowest score. The player declaring Rummy scores zero for that round, having melded all cards. Others tally points based on their unmelded cards.


Some Rummy variants penalize players who haven’t melded any cards at declaration, potentially doubling their unmelded card points.

Winning the Game

Rummy may extend over multiple rounds or end when a player hits a target score (e.g., 100 points). The player with the lowest total score after all rounds wins.

Symbols and Features

In Rummy by JILI Gaming, several symbols and features enhance the gaming experience:

  • Joker: The Joker plays a crucial role in Rummy. It can substitute for any card to form a set or sequence, making it a game-changer in forming combinations.
  • Sort Button: This feature allows players to automatically arrange their cards into possible sets and sequences, helping them plan their moves more efficiently.
  • Drop Option: Players can choose to drop out of the game during their turn if they feel their hand is not competitive. This option prevents the accumulation of high points, which could be detrimental in the final scoring.

Rummy Paytable by JILI Gaming at CC6 Online Casino

Bet Amount (PHP) Payout for Set (PHP) Multiplier for Sequence Payout for Sequence (PHP) Joker Use Bonus (PHP)
100 300 2x 200 50
200 600 2x 400 100
500 1500 3x 1500 250
1000 3000 3x 3000 500
2000 6000 4x 8000 1000
5000 15000 4x 20000 2500

Table Explanation:

  • Bet Amount: The initial amount wagered by the player.
  • Payout for Set: The amount paid out for forming a valid set.
  • Multiplier for Sequence: The multiplier applied to the bet amount for forming a valid sequence.
  • Payout for Sequence: The payout for forming a sequence, calculated as Bet Amount x Multiplier.
  • Joker Use Bonus: Additional payout if a Joker is used in forming a set or sequence.

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