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Bombing Fishing provides a dynamic environment with vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. Players use cannons to catch fish swimming across the screen in this game. Each fish has a point value, and the goal is to accumulate the highest points by catching the most valuable fish. This game blends skill with chance, offering various cannons and special weapons to enhance the fishing experience.

Key Information 

Key Information Details
Game Provider JILI Fishing
Release Date 2021-09-21
Game Type Fishing Game
RTP (Return to Player) 96.85%
Platforms Supported Desktop, Mobile (iOS, Android)
Language Multilingual 

Game Feature

Each of these features adds a layer of excitement and strategy to the game, making Bombing Fishing a dynamic and engaging experience for players. These features are:

Special Fish

Special Fish are unique types that appear randomly and offer higher points than regular fish. Catching these can trigger special bonuses or game effects.

Drill Bit Lobster

This creature moves across the screen, and catching it can activate a drill attack, which captures multiple fish in its path, increasing your score rapidly.

Thunder Consecutive & Serial Bomb Crab

Catching this crab releases a chain of bombs that explode in sequence, creating a large area effect that can catch a swath of fish all at once, boosting your points significantly.

Special Weapon

Special Weapons include powerful tools like lasers and bombs that you can use for a limited time. These weapons make it easier to catch a large number of fish quickly.

Golden Bomb

The Golden Bomb is a rare item that, when detonated, catches many fish within a vast radius. It’s a quick way to increase your score by a large margin.

Deep Sea Fish

These are rare and valuable fish found deeper in the background of the game screen. They are harder to catch but worth more points.


The Torpedo is a powerful weapon that shoots forward in a straight line, catching all fish in its path. It’s very effective for catching fast-moving or hard-to-catch fish.

Immortal Boss

The Immortal Boss is a challenging enemy that appears on the screen for a limited time. It requires multiple hits to defeat but offers a huge point reward.

Awaken Boss

This boss appears after certain conditions are met, offering a new level of challenge. Defeating the Awaken Boss requires strategy and skill, and it provides substantial rewards.


Game Feature/Symbol Bet Amount (PHP) Payout (PHP) Multiplier
Regular Fish 10 30-300 3x to 30x
Special Fish 10 500 50x
Drill Bit Lobster 20 600 30x
Thunder Consecutive & Serial Bomb Crab 20 800 40x
Special Weapon 50 1000 20x
Golden Bomb 50 1500 30x
Deep Sea Fish 30 1200 40x
Torpedo 40 1600 40x
Immortal Boss 100 5000 50x
Awaken Boss 100 7500 75x


  • Regular Fish includes common species like clownfish and angelfish, each with different multipliers.
  • Special Fish triggers special bonuses or game effects with a higher payout.
  • Drill Bit Lobster activates a drill attack, effective for clearing a path and catching multiple fish.
  • Thunder Consecutive & Serial Bomb Crab releases a chain of bombs, catching multiple fish in a large area.
  • Special Weapon temporarily uses a powerful tool such as a laser or bomb to catch multiple fish.
  • Golden Bomb detonates a large area, catching many fish at once for high points.
  • Deep Sea Fish are rare species that offer higher payouts due to their difficulty to catch.
  • Torpedo is a straight-line attack weapon catching all fish in its path.
  • Immortal Boss the  tough enemy that requires several shots to defeat, offering a significant reward.
  • Awaken Boss is challenging boss that appears under special conditions and offers the highest payout.

Placing Bets and Configuring Paylines

Before playing, it’s essential to understand the betting options and payline configurations in the Bombing Fishing Arcade Game. Here are key features to consider:

  • Paytable: Check the paytable for an overview of the fish species and their payouts, which can help maximize your winnings.
  • System Settings: Customize various game settings to suit your preferences, enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Bet Adjustment: Control your risk and potential rewards by adjusting your bet values.
  • Autoplay: Utilize the autoplay feature to automate spins, saving time and effort.
  • Set Paylines: Strategically choose paylines to target specific areas on the screen, increasing your chances of catching valuable fish.

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