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All Star Fishing is an online arcade fishing game developed by Jili, a leading game provider known for its innovative and entertaining gaming solutions. The game transforms the traditional fishing experience into a thrilling hunt for underwater treasures. Players use cannons to catch fish, each carrying a different value, thus adding to the excitement and challenge.

Key Information of the Game

Key Information Details
Game Provider Jili
Release Date 2021-09-07 
Game Type Video Arcade Fishing Game
RTP (Return to Player) 95.61%
Platforms Supported Desktop, Mobile (iOS and Android)
Language English

Game Features

Each of these features adds a unique twist to the gameplay, enhancing the excitement and strategic depth of All Star Fishing.

Shark Bite

The Shark Bite feature allows you to target large and valuable sharks in the game. When activated, it increases your firepower temporarily, making it easier to catch these tough creatures for more points.

Jellyfish Cannon

The Jellyfish Cannon is a special weapon that shoots out a net in the shape of a jellyfish. This net can capture multiple fish at once, especially useful for gathering smaller, clustered fish to boost your score quickly.

Eagle Claw Hook

This feature equips your cannon with a giant, eagle-like claw that can snatch specific fish directly. It’s particularly effective for grabbing fast-moving or evasive species that are harder to catch with regular shots.

Crystal Crab & Jewel Turtle

When you catch the Crystal Crab or Jewel Turtle, you earn a special bonus. These creatures are rare and carry precious gems, boosting your score significantly when captured. They often require more precise shots but are well worth the effort.


Summon the mythical Phoenix for a fiery effect on the screen that targets multiple fish at once. This feature is dramatic and powerful, capable of clearing many fish at once and is ideal for high-traffic scenarios.

Giant Crocodile

The Giant Crocodile feature unleashes a massive crocodile that chomps through fish as it swims across the screen. It’s a great way to earn a lot of points quickly, as the crocodile can catch several large fish in one go.

Thunderbolt for Explosive Action

The Thunderbolt is an electrifying feature that sends a shockwave through the water, stunning and capturing fish in its radius. It’s perfect for moments when the screen is crowded, allowing you to capitalize on the chaos and rack up points.

Game Rooms in All star Fishing

Each room offers a unique atmosphere and set of challenges, allowing players to choose a game environment that matches their skill level and gambling preferences. 

  • Newbie Room: It offers lower betting thresholds and simpler fish patterns, making it easier for new players to get accustomed to the game mechanics without facing too much risk. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to learn the ropes of All Star Fishing.
  • Happy Room: This room provides a balanced mix of fish types and includes occasional appearances of medium-value fish. The betting requirements are moderate, making it a fun and engaging experience for casual to intermediate players.
  • Regal Room: The Regal Room offers the highest level of challenge and the biggest potential rewards. It features a wide variety of fish, including rare and high-value species. The gameplay in this room is more intense, with higher bet limits and the frequent occurrence of special events and boss fish. It’s perfect for players who are confident in their skills and are looking to maximize their earnings.


Feature/Symbol Bet Amount (PHP) Payout (PHP) Multiplier
Small Fish 10 20 – 100 2x – 10x
Medium Fish 20 200 – 500 10x – 25x
Large Fish and Sharks 50 1000 – 5000 20x – 100x
Golden Fish 100 3000 – 10000 30x – 100x
Special Features
Shark Bite 50 1500 – 7500 30x – 150x
Jellyfish Cannon 30 900 – 2700 30x – 90x
Eagle Claw Hook 40 1200 – 4000 30x – 100x
Crystal Crab 60 3600 – 10800 60x – 180x
Jewel Turtle 60 3600 – 10800 60x – 180x
Phoenix 70 2100 – 14000 30x – 200x
Giant Crocodile 80 2400 – 16000 30x – 200x
Thunderbolt 90 2700 – 18000 30x – 200x
  • Bet Amount (PHP): This column indicates the minimum bet required to potentially catch the fish or activate the feature.
  • Payout (PHP): The range shows the minimum and maximum possible payout for catching the fish or using the feature, depending on the size and type of the catch.
  • Multiplier: This shows how much the original bet can be multiplied by when the fish or feature is successfully captured or activated.

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