Experience Mega Fishing Game by Jili at CC6 Casino

Mega Fishing is not just another fishing game; it’s a virtual adventure that transports players into the aquatic world filled with vibrant graphics and interactive gameplay. Designed by Jili Fishing, a well-known developer in the gaming industry, Mega Fishing offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential earnings through its engaging mechanics.

Key Information of the Game

Key Information Details
Game Provider Jili Fishing
Release Date 2021-10-20
Game Type Video Arcade Fishing Game
Return to Player (RTP) 97.78%
Platforms Supported Desktop, Mobile (iOS and Android)
Language English

Game Features

Below, we’ll explore the unique features that make Mega Fishing a standout experience at CC6 Casino.

Wild Sea Adventure

Dive into an exciting underwater journey where you navigate through a vibrant ocean landscape. This feature brings the thrill of exploration as you hunt for various fish in the wild sea.

Lucky Wheel and Millionaire Dreams

Spin the Lucky Wheel to win extra rewards or hit the jackpot! This feature offers a chance to multiply your earnings and potentially win a mountain of coins, bringing you closer to your millionaire dreams.

Special Fish & High Rewards

Keep an eye out for rare and special fish that appear randomly. These fish are worth more points or coins than regular ones, offering high rewards and adding an element of surprise to your fishing adventure.

Eye-catching Deep Sea Fish

The game showcases beautifully designed deep sea fish that not only look stunning but also enrich your gaming experience. Catching these visually striking creatures can be both fun and rewarding.

Spectacular Firing Turrets/Swarms of Fish

Use powerful turrets to fire at swarms of fish. This exciting feature allows you to catch multiple fish at once, making it a fast-paced and action-packed part of the game.

Mountain of Gold Coins

As you play, you have the opportunity to earn a mountain of gold coins. This feature symbolizes the potential high rewards available in the game, enhancing the excitement with each catch.

Divided Moments and Control

Experience moments where you need to make quick decisions and control your gameplay strategically. This feature tests your timing and precision, adding depth and challenge to your fishing adventure.


Symbol/Feature Bet Amount (PHP) Multiplier Payout (PHP)
Golden Fish 50 x100 5,000
Shoal of Small Fish 50 x5 250
Treasure Chest 50 x50 2,500
Wild Sea Adventure Fish 50 x30 1,500
Lucky Wheel Spin 50 x200 10,000
Special Fish 50 x75 3,750
Eye-catching Deep Sea Fish 50 x40 2,000
Spectacular Firing Turrets 50 x25 1,250
Mountain of Gold Coins 50 x300 15,000
Divided Moments and Control 50 x20 1,000
  • Multiplier: The number by which your bet is multiplied if you successfully catch the corresponding symbol.
  • Payout: The actual reward in pesos you receive when you catch a symbol with a specific bet amount.

Paylines in Mega Fishing

In Mega Fishing, you can decide how many paylines you want to play with. Activating more paylines increases your chances of catching fish that bring rewards, as you cover more areas of the screen.

Here’s how it works: 

When you choose more paylines, you’re casting a wider net, so to speak. This means you’re more likely to hook into winning combinations of fish. However, each payline you activate will cost you a bit more of your betting amount. So, it’s important to think about your game plan. If you feel confident, you might want to activate more paylines to maximize your chances of a big catch. But if you’re more cautious, you might choose fewer paylines to save some of your bet for later plays.

Play Mega Fishing Now!

Ready to cast your line and reel in big wins? Join the exciting world of Mega Fishing at CC6 Casino today! With incredible features like the Lucky Wheel and mountains of gold coins waiting for you, every catch brings you closer to spectacular rewards. Don’t miss out on this underwater adventure. Sign up now, start fishing, and see if you can land the catch of the day for massive payouts!

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