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Happy Fishing” is an interactive fishing adventure that pits you against aquatic creatures with the aim to catch the biggest fish for the highest rewards. Set in a colorful underwater world, the game offers a blend of skill and chance, making every play session unique. This engaging game combines the thrill of slot mechanics with the interactive fun of fishing games, making it a top choice for players seeking an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

Key Information of the Game

Information Details
Game Provider JILI
Release Date 96.5%
Game Type Video Arcade-Fishing Game
RTP (Return to Player) To be confirmed (TBC)
Platforms Supported Desktop, iOS, Android
Language English

Game Features of Happy Fishing

Each feature, from majestic marine creatures to powerful weaponry, plays a crucial role in the gameplay, offering both challenges and opportunities. These are:

Deep Sea White Shark – GRAND PRIZE

This is the biggest prize in the game. Catching the Deep Sea White Shark earns you the highest score and rewards. It’s rare and challenging to catch but very rewarding.

Mega Octopus and the Lucky Golden Wheel

The Mega Octopus is another rare creature. If you catch it, you get to spin the Lucky Golden Wheel, which offers various bonuses and multipliers to increase your score.

Special Fish for Winning Bonuses

These are unique fish that appear occasionally and trigger special bonuses like extra points or multipliers when caught. They add excitement and extra rewards to your gameplay.

  • Starfish – Catching a Starfish usually grants small to moderate bonuses. They are more common than other special creatures but still offer a nice boost.
  • Drill Crab – This crab comes with a drill and can burrow through other fish, helping you catch multiple fish at once. It’s a helpful creature when aiming for a high score.
  • Bomb Crab – When caught, the Bomb Crab explodes and can catch nearby fish in the blast radius. It’s perfect for clearing a crowded area and getting multiple scores quickly.

Torpedo (Special Weapon)

The Torpedo is a special weapon you can use to target tough-to-catch fish. It’s powerful and can help you catch the higher-value creatures more easily.

Giant Fish

These are large fish that require more effort to catch but provide significant points. They are less rare than bosses but still challenging.

Immortal Boss

The Immortal Boss is an extremely tough creature that takes multiple hits to defeat. Conquering this boss yields massive rewards and is a significant challenge.

Mega Octopus Wheel

This feature is associated with the Mega Octopus. When you catch the Mega Octopus, you activate the wheel, spinning it to potentially win bonuses that enhance your gameplay.


Game Feature/Symbol Estimated Bet Amount (₱) Payouts (₱) Multiplier
Deep Sea White Shark 50 5,000 x100
Mega Octopus 40 1,200 x30
Lucky Golden Wheel Bonus Spin
Special Fish 30 450 x15
Starfish 10 50 x5
Drill Crab 20 300 x15
Bomb Crab 20 300 Multi-catch
Torpedo (Special Weapon) 25
Giant Fish 15 225 x15
Immortal Boss 100 10,000 x100
Mega Octopus Wheel Bonus Spin


  • Special Features: Some symbols, like the Lucky Golden Wheel and Mega Octopus Wheel, provide bonus spins rather than direct payouts, offering the chance to win additional prizes or multipliers.

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