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Dinosaur Tycoon” is a journey into a world where dinosaurs rule the land. The game features a dynamic 5×3 reel structure, offering players numerous ways to win. It incorporates stunning graphics and animations that bring the age of dinosaurs to life, accompanied by an immersive soundtrack that enhances the gaming experience. This engaging slot game combines the thrill of slot mechanics with a fascinating dinosaur theme, allowing players to embark on a thrilling adventure back in time. 

Key Information Of The Game

Key Information Details
Game Provider JILI Fishing
Release Date 2021-09-13
Game Type Slot Game
RTP (Return to Player) 96.5%
Platforms Supported Android, IOS
Language English

Game Features

This game is packed with unique and exciting features that enhance gameplay and increase your chances of winning such as:

Special Dinosaur

This feature introduces a unique twist to the game with dinosaur-themed enhancements. Each dinosaur brings a special ability or modifier that can dramatically influence the game’s outcome by providing more opportunities for wins.

  • Sprint Triceratops: This feature speeds up your game, making the triceratops symbols dash across the screen to potentially form faster and more frequent winning combinations.
  • Electric Lizard: When this feature activates, the electric lizard zaps other symbols, turning them into wilds which can substitute for most other symbols to help create winning lines.
  • Bomb Frog: This quirky frog hops onto the reels and explodes, transforming nearby symbols into matching ones for a higher chance of scoring a win.
  • Golden Mammoth: The majestic Golden Mammoth acts as a high-value symbol. When it appears, it can expand to cover entire reels, greatly increasing the possibility of big wins.

Special Dragon King

This mighty dragon symbol serves as a powerful wild. When it lands, it can replace any other symbol to complete a win line, and it also might trigger random multipliers to increase your winnings significantly.

Crystal Dragon

This shimmering dragon triggers a crystal-clear bonus round where players pick from various crystals to reveal hidden prizes, including instant cash wins and multipliers.

Free Waterspout

Trigger this feature by landing specific scatter symbols, and watch as a waterspout washes over the reels, rearranging symbols and possibly aligning them into winning combinations.

Special Dragon Egg

Discover the Dragon Egg on the reels to unlock a special surprise. The egg cracks open to reveal either bonus spins, instant cash, or a random multiplier, adding an element of mystery and excitement to your game play.


Symbol/Feature Bet Amount (₱) Payouts (₱) Multipliers
Sprint Triceratops 50 500 10x
100 1,000 10x
500 5,000 10x
Electric Lizard 50 250 5x
100 500 5x
500 2,500 5x
Bomb Frog 50 150 3x
100 300 3x
500 1,500 3x
Golden Mammoth 50 750 15x
100 1,500 15x
500 7,500 15x
Special Dragon King 50 400 8x
100 800 8x
500 4,000 8x
Crystal Dragon 50 300 6x
100 600 6x
500 3,000 6x
Free Waterspout 50 200 4x
100 400 4x
500 2,000 4x
Special Dragon Egg 50 500 Random up to 12x
100 1,000 Random up to 12x
500 5,000 Random up to 12x
  • Symbols/Features: These are the special symbols or game features that trigger payouts when they appear in winning combinations. Each feature (like the Sprint Triceratops or Electric Lizard) and symbol (like the Golden Mammoth) has unique visual elements and effects on gameplay.
  • Random Multipliers (Special Dragon Egg): This feature offers a random multiplier up to a certain value (up to 12x in this example). The exact multiplier value is determined randomly when the feature is triggered, adding an element of surprise and potential for significant winnings.
  • Multipliers: These are factors that multiply your bet amount to calculate your winnings. For example, the Electric Lizard has a multiplier of 5x. So, if this symbol forms a winning combination on a ₱100 bet, the payout would be ₱100 multiplied by 5, equaling ₱500.

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